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Cape Town | Cape Point

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The Big 5

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Tour Packages

The Mother City

Explore mother city at its finest!

This tour includes:
* Castle of Good Hope
* Cape Town City Centre
* BoKaap
* Signal Hill

The Peninsula

Explore the Peninsular with our Half Day Tour

This tour includes visiting Boulders Beach, home of the African penguins And exploring Cape Point where you'll experience standing at the tip of Africa!

The Scenic Route

Set your sights on the beautiful scenery

Take a breath of fresh air and enjoy a full day tour and the scenery that Stellenbosch and Cape Winelands has to offer 

The Marine Big 5

Explore the marine life on our Full day tour

Explore the marine big 5 with a trip to Gansbaai, The Marine Big 5 includes Whales, Sharks, Penguins, Seals and Dolphins!

The Safari Tour

Set your sights on Africas Big 5 with our Full day safari tour

Travel with us to Touws Rivier to see Africa's Big 5

Cultural Tour

Add a cultural tour!

* BoKaap (Half Day)
* Robben Island (Full Day)
* Langa Township (Half Day)
* District Six (Half Day)

Experience This

Add to your experience with a memorable adrenaline rush!

* Sky Diving
* Paragliding from Signal Hill
* Hike up Table Mountain
* Shark Cage Diving
* Paint Ball Shooting
* Canopy Tours

Build A Tour

Customize and build your dream tour

Build your dream tour and mail it to us! We will get back to you with a quotation to get your dream tour started!


Staff Transportation… How does it benefit your company?

Value Safety

Safe traveling in the evenings when leaving work, it shows your employees that the employer care’s and value their safety.

Staff Transport

We believe that staff transport is highly beneficial for every business big or small!
It ensures punctuality of your staff’s arrival at work!


Its an overall beneficial service that provides on time arrival of your staff ensuring that they can have a full work day of productivity and it reduces the stress that your staff may have because of transportation providing a happy, safe and reliable work place!

Safety and Convenience 

It is the safest and convenient option for early shifts and late shifts when no public transportation is available yet.
We believe that staff transportation is a value added service that we can offer you!

Top destinations!

Table Mountain, Cape Town

  • We have a great love for this popular spot! Its one of the most iconic mountains in the world and a must see fir every traveller! 
  • Table Mountain offers spectacular views via cable car or hiking trail and is enjoyable with several amenities on top of the mountain. Its a great day experience for the adventurous hearts and fitness fanatics!  
Safari Game Reserves, Cape Town

The Safari Game Reserve is definitely one of the most iconic adventures to embark on, Seeing the big five in their natural habitat and learning about how they live and being able to capture them is a timeless adventure you have to experience!

    Whale Watching, Hermanus Cape Town

    Set your sights on a breath taking opportunity to see the whales and enjoy the splendor of the Hermanus scenic drive! 

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